2022: Totaal website re-launch

The digital design wizards at Totaal have launched the new Sphere 43 website just in time to mark S43's 20th birthday (formed 2002). The eye-catching imagery and the beautifully balanced layouts of the new website are the handiwork of Ben, Wayne and the multi-talented Totaal team.

2022-04-08T15:06:06+01:0010 January 2022|News|

2002: Sphere 43 is born

Who knew what the future would hold in 2002 when Sphere 43 first appeared? A fully formed ‘All Round Thinking’ marketing machine. After 20 years of digital advances the world is a different place but the need for intelligent marketing hasn't changed.

2022-04-08T15:15:45+01:0010 January 2022|News|
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