In February 2022, S43 launched the ‘third generation’ of the Cladding Warehouse website,
powered by Shopify and created by Little Valley web developers.

The new site was designed to deliver a smoother customer interface and introduce
new e-commerce apps and payment systems, which improve all aspects of performance.

Vlad the Clad still plays a prominent role as the guru of hygienic cladding and the
website was re-structured with a powerful search bar and product Collections designed
to make things easier to find.

We introduced LiveChat and this allows the Cladding Warehouse team to maintain
its focus on exceptional customer service. Unlike many websites, messages posted
on CW’s Live Chat are not filtered through a robot. During office hours the team
respond directly to each customer enquiry.

Leading the field

Cladding Warehouse has spawned many copycat sites since its launch, but the
original aim of the website remains the same – to make hygienic cladding easy
to understand and easy to buy.

The third edition of the Cladding Warehouse website is both distinctive and simple
to use. The business has achieved consistent year-on-year growth in order numbers,
revenue and repeat customers every year since 2014 – including the Covid years.