Building on success

After establishing a UK-wide customer base and a strong reputation in the cladding
industry, Hygienik Systems commissioned a new website in 2020 to reflect the growth
of the business and to showcase more high quality, complex installations.

Sphere 43 and Totaal (website development) worked on the re-structure and design
of the new Hygienik website and optimised the site’s content and functionality building on
a contemporary Word Press template to create a highly professional feel.

2020 Hygienik home page

Exemplary installation projects

One of the key website improvements was formulating a better way of showcasing
Hygienik’s installation projects which feature Coca-Cola, the NHS, McDonald’s, M&S and
many more leading brands.

Hygienik has major clients in all hygiene-critical and food safe sectors and their work
covers hospitals, restaurants, manufacturing plants, food and drink specialists, schools,
laboratories, retail stores and leisure centres.