A new case study template for Kwik-Klik was developed to illustrate high profile projects,
beginning with the Davis Cup tennis tournament held in Glasgow.

Working AC Creative, Sphere 43 developed the structure and design of a
photography-led landscape Showcase pdf which is designed to capture the scale
and functionality of Kwik-Klik’s most complex installations.

Davis Cup branded hoardings

Kwik-Klik designed and installed temporary hoardings surrounding the practice court
areas in the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome and for VIP areas, player and officials’ changing
rooms, tv studios and reception area of the adjoining Emirates Arena in Glasgow.

The Kwik-Klik Graphics team expertly formatted and applied official Davis Cup
graphics to the hoardings throughout the Arena.

On time delivery

The tournament was televised live by Sky Sports and the Kwik-Klik team met all of
their immovable deadlines during the project.