An all round logo design

In 2007 affordable 3D design software packages were beginning to enter the market.
This allowed experienced illustrators, who could already create perfection with
an air brush on paper, to achieve similar results using new digital software.

Sphere 43 was fortunate enough to be working with Mark Helliwell, a brilliant and
highly respected illustrator who was known as ‘Polo’ to his friends.

   His virtually impossible brief was to create a white sphere on a white background
with a polished ten pin bowling ball finish.

Sphere 43 new logo

As you can see, Mark responded to the brief with his usual brilliance.

From there, AC Creative were asked to develop the full logo for stationery and the
S43 website and once again the result was superb.

Full sphere 43 logo with text

A unique brand 

The name Sphere 43 originated from the belief that ‘all round thinking’ is the key
ingredient in effective marketing communications.

The Sphere part of the name was therefore obvious and then came the need to
differentiate from other businesses with Sphere in their name.

The 43 came from the mathematical formula for calculating the volume of a sphere…

The roundel graphic, which appears in the footer below, was created by Totaal
when they re-designed the whole S43 website in 2022.