In 2023,  Kwik-Klik asked Sphere 43 to produce a comprehensive pdf case study showcasing
their concert venue hoarding installations at The Piece Hall in Halifax.

The hoardings were needed to secure three areas within the outdoor courtyard including
the main stage area and two temporary bars which opened during concerts.

Kwik-Klik hoarding at Piece Hall Halifax

A historic venue

The Piece Hall is a unique quadrangular Georgian open-air cloth market where traders
first met to buy and sell wool and woven fabric in 1779.

It is enclosed on all four sides by ornate stone columns and balconies
where merchants’ offices were once located.

Sphere 43 took photographs over a number of days to tell the story of how the courtyard was
transformed into a concert venue ready for an audience of 5,000.

Behind the stage and below the arches, hoardings were installed to allow businesses to
continue trading during the daytime.

Day and night

The photographs below were taken from the same place and show the contrast between a quiet
morning in the courtyard and a very busy evening when Sting was on stage.