Innovation in the PVC cladding market

In 2013, became the first UK website to specialise exclusively
in selling PVC hygienic wall cladding sheets and all the related products needed
to complete a cladding project.

The simplified product range, individually priced products and expert advice
positioned it a long way ahead of other PVC cladding sellers in the UK.

Cladding Warehouse created a template for selling cladding sheets that has
been followed and imitated by many competitors.

A key aim of our first website was to make cladding interesting, fun and accessible.
around 200 individually priced products – including PVC wall cladding sheets,
PVC joint trims, adhesives, sealants and tools (including mixer paddles,
saws, tapes and blades).

Introducing Vlad the Clad

Vlad the Clad is a unique and eye-catching feature of the website.

Vlad is the guru of hygienic cladding and our first website featured an Ask Vlad phone line
offering advice to customers. This was soon supplemented by by an online Ask Vlad posting
option and LiveChat was added to the third generation website in 2022.

Vlad sells cladding across the whole spectrum of sectors and isn’t averse to dressing up
and travelling the world to promote his products.