After launching in 2004 and building a nationwide client base, Hygienik Systems commissioned
their first website in 2006 to showcase their PVC wall cladding projects.

Sphere 43, AC Creative (design) and Little Valley (website) developed a consistent graphic identity
and worked on marketing campaigns to help Hygienik reach its target audience of
manufacturers, main contractors and refurbishment and fit out specialists.

The Hygienik Systems website URL is and in the early years we used the endline
‘ingenious walls and ceilings’ and developed a genie graphic (see below) to aid memorability and help
them stand out in the market.

The genie was incorporated into business cards, stationery, brochures and the website.

After a design overhaul of the website in 2020 led by Sphere 43 and Totaal Solutions, a more
contemporary look was introduced which reflected the company’s status one of the UK’s
most experienced and innovative installers of hygienic PVC wall and ceiling systems.

2020 Hygienik home page