An insight into architectural design

From 2004 onwards, Sphere 43 was invited by Atkins UK to shape and develop
communications which captured the essence of the commercial value Atkins
offered its UK and worldwide clients.

This involved quickly assimilating the language of architecture and construction
and reshaping it into words and narratives designed to win tenders for
landmark projects and to excel in industry awards.

A central aim of all the work was to inspire clients, colleagues, contract partners,
engineers, the supply chain and design students.


The new City Centre East campus of Northumbria University in Newcastle (above)
was just one of hundreds of Atkins projects Sphere 43 was involved in. A series of
interviews with clients, lead architects, lecturers and students were carried out
before Sphere 43 edited a book about the project.

Working closely with Director of Architecture, Ray Phillips (below) and Senior Architect,
Natalie Sarabia-Johnston, the challenge was to humanise architecture and
consistently define and reinforce its relevance.

Atkins Ray

Writing for Atkins often involves explaining, before it is built, how a new building
will repair the urban grain or enhance its surroundings (macro and master planning level),
while also encapsulating the impact it will have on users and the wider community
(micro and everyday level.)